RCN Astound Internet Speed Test

A dependable and fast internet connection is vital in today’s digital world, where our life depends on the internet. A swift internet connection is necessary for streaming movies, working online, etc. However, a slow internet service can create a hassle for you. So, a speed testing tool is essential to check your internet’s performance frequently. 

RCN Speed Test is an online internet speed checker developed by Astound Broadband. It is also known as the Astound Speed Test. It tests your internet performance on three critical aspects: download speed, upload speed, and latency. A speed test is the best way to understand what internet speeds you are getting from your internet service provider. An unbiased internet speed test is the ideal way to check your internet’s performance. The speed checker also allows you to fix any issues with your internet.

This article will discuss the Astound RCN speed test, its working, availability, internet speeds, and packages.

What is the RCN Astound Speed Test?

RCN or Astound Speed Test is a valuable online tool that you can use to assess the performance of your broadband service. The device is beneficial for finding issues with your internet and enhancing its performance. The speed test RCN is a user-friendly tool. You can easily access it through Astound Broadband’s official website.

Coverage Area:

RCN broadband service provides internet to its customers through cable and fiber-optic networks. It offers high-speed and trustworthy internet connections. The speed checker is optimal to test the performance of the advanced broadband connection.

Astound broadband by RCN is available in the following nine states of the United States.

  1. Washington DC
  2. Illinois
  3. New York
  4. Pennsylvania
  5. Massachusetts
  6. Indiana
  7. Maryland
  8. Virginia
  9. Philadelphia

How Does the RCN Speed Test Work?

Astound’s internet speed test directs your area to find the nearest internet server. It transfers a small data packet from your device to the server, and the server conveys it back. The speed checker estimates the duration it takes to exchange data between your device and the server. This gives you the round-trip measurement in milliseconds. It is the latency of your internet connection.

Furthermore, the test connects with the internet server and obtains some data. The trial downloads the data on your device. It calculates the duration to give your internet’s download speed in Mbps.

In the same way, the test measures the upload speed of your network in Mbps by measuring the time it takes data to transmit from your device to the server.

Types of Internet Provided By RCN

Internet TypesYes/No
Wireless InternetYes
Cable InternetYes
Fiber-optic InternetYes
DSL InternetNo
Satellite InternetNo

Factors of Astound Speed Test

The Astound broadband speed test depends on the following factors.


It is the moment it takes the data to travel from your device to the internet testing server and back to your device. It is measured in milliseconds. A lower latency rate shows a better experience while engaging in online games and streaming movies or shows.

Download Speed:

It is the pace at which your device gains a data packet from the internet server. It is usually calculated in Mbps or Gbps.

Upload Speed:

Upload speed is when your device transmits a data packet to the internet server. It is typically measured in Mbps or Gbps.

RCN Internet Speeds and Packages

Here is a list of RCN internet speeds and packages.

Internet PlansDownload SpeedPrice
600 Mbps InternetUp to 600 Mbps$29.99/month
1200 Mbps InternetUp to 1200 Mbps$49.99/month
940 Mbps InternetUp to 940 Mbps$44.17/month

Why My Astound Broadband Speed is slower than Advertised?

Here are some reasons that can affect your internet speed.

  1. Distance from Network Infrastructure

You will experience slow internet speeds if you are far from the network infrastructure. 

  1. ISP Package

The internet plan that you are using currently has restrictions and provides a limited amount of internet speeds.

  1. Viruses and Malware

Malware and viruses on your device can use your internet, which results in slow internet speed.

  1. Broadband Interference

Interferences from electronic gadgets such as microwaves and physical things like walls and furniture can interfere with your network signals. 

  1. Outdated Hardware

Your router or modem is old and needs to be provided with high-speed internet signals, which your internet service provider offers.

How Can I Enhance My RCN/Astound Internet Speed?

Following are some ways that you can use to improve your internet speed.

  • Upgrade your internet plan and select the one that best suits your needs.
  • Reduce background downloads to enhance the pace of your broadband service.
  • Disconnect all the unnecessary devices that have a connection to your internet.
  • Place your router centrally and utilize 5GHz bands for faster Wi-Fi speed. 
  • Frequently check your devices for malware and viruses.
  • Use an Ethernet cable to enhance your online experience and get faster speed.


How long does the internet speed test Astound take?

After clicking the “Go” button, which is available on the RCN official website, you can expect the speed test to show upload speed, download speed, and latency in 3 to 4 seconds. Typically, the internet speed checker is quick and provides an easy way to assess your internet’s performance.

What is the fastest internet connection?

Fiber internet connection is the fastest type of internet. It uses cables comprising bundles of fiber-optic strands to transmit large data packets with light signals. Mostly, fiber internet plans give you 1,000 Mbps speeds. It is the most reliable and swift internet connection.

Can an old router affect the results of the Astound RCN speed test?

Yes, checking your internet speed on an older PC, modem, or wireless equipment will slow the internet speed. So, check the rate on a new device

Final Thoughts

A fast and dependable broadband connection is crucial in today’s digital world, where everything works online. You must check your network speed frequently to depend on the internet without trouble. The RCN Speed Test is a precious tool that helps you gauge your internet’s quality.

Through the Astound Speed Test, you can enhance your internet speed by understanding factors such as latency, upload speed, and download speed. It helps you ensure that your online experience is reliable and hassle-free.

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