CCI Consolidated Communications Internet Speed Test

Most of our work depends on the Internet, so an efficient broadband connection is vital. The reliability and speed of your internet service play a critical role in identifying your internet experience, productivity, and satisfaction. A seamless online encounter is essential for both professional and personal use.

The CCI (Consolidated Communications Internet) Speed Test is an optimal tool to check the speed of your broadband service. It tests critical aspects like upload speed, download speed, and latency to give you a brief understanding of your internet’s bandwidth. It is a significant resource for internet service providers looking to enhance their network infrastructure. The speed testing tool also benefits users who want to check their internet service.

Let’s discuss CCI Speed Test’s working, coverage, internet packages, and speeds.

What is CCI Speed Test?

It is an internet speed checker that allows you to measure your broadband connection’s performance and speed. It helps you discover the exact download and upload rate you are using. Checking the rate is crucial for determining your internet connection‘s reliability.

The speed test CCI can help you make further decisions regarding your internet service, fix issues for playing online games, and stream online content without buffering. You can access the CCI internet speed test through its official website, and it is available to both CCI internet subscribers and non-subscribers.

Coverage Area

CCI provides fiber, cable, DSL, and fixed wireless internet to all its customers across the United States. Their fiber internet is available in most regions. It offers faster speed and a reliable connection to enjoy a trouble-free experience. It provides services in the following states of the US.

  • Illinois
  • Texas
  • New York
  • Missouri
  • Oklahoma
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Florida
  • Washington
  • Colorado

How Does the CCI Speed Test Works?

The CCI internet speed test measures the latency in milliseconds. It sends a small amount of data from your device to the testing server. It then calculates the time it takes to transfer the data from your device to the testing server and back to your device. 

In the next step, the speed checker tests the download speed of your internet in megabits. It measures the time the data is transmitted from the internet server to your device. In the same way, the speed test calculates the uploading speed of your internet by evaluating how fast data transfers from your device to the server. Ultimately, the tool gives you the latency, upload, and download speed after completing the test.

Types of Internet Provided by CCI

Internet TypeYes/No
Wireless InternetYes
Cable InternetYes
Satellite internetNo
DSL Internet Yes
Fiber InternetYes

Factors of Speed Test

The speed test relies on the following three aspects.


The latency refers to the duration it takes for data transmission from the user’s device to the internet testing server and back to the user’s device. The measurement of latency usually occurs in units of milliseconds. A lower latency rate corresponds to the best online experience when broadcasting and engaging in video game activities.

Download Speed:

It measures how fast data travels from the internet server to your device. It typically affects downloading files online, loading webpages, and streaming movies. On average, the download speed of the internet should be at least 5 Mbps. 

Upload Speed:

Upload speed is how your device conveys data to the internet. Your device sends data to the internet server, allowing the tool to check the upload speed in Mbps or Gbps. It affects the quality of your online meeting and uploading photos on social media. On average, it should be at least 3 Mbps.

Consolidated Communications Internet Speeds and Plans

Following is a table that shows different CCI packages.

PlanDownload SpeedPrice
CCI DSL50 Mbps$31.00/month
CCI Cable940 MbpsIt depends on your region
CCI Fiber1 GbpsIt depends on your region
Fidium Fiber2 Gbps$35.00/month

Why is my CCI Speed Slower than Advertised?

The following are the reasons which cause slow broadband speed.

Distance from the Network Infrastructure

You will need more internet speed if you are far from the network infrastructure. 

Network Congestion

Rising network congestion levels during instances of high usage can substantially influence your internet connection speed. The simultaneous internet usage by numerous people within a specific region might decrease network speeds.

ISP Throttling

You will face slower speeds if your ISP is throttling internet speeds. It is because the ISP is facing high traffic on the internet during peak usage time.

Your Internet Package has Limitations.

The internet plan you currently use gives you specific internet speeds, and you cannot exceed them. This causes the overall internet performance to decrease.

Your Router is Old

The router influences your internet speeds because it is old. The router is incompatible with modern technologies, resulting in slow broadband speeds. 

How Can I Improve My CCI Speed

The speed test CCI can help you find the problem with your internet speeds. Here are five tips you can use to enhance the performance of your broadband connection.

  1. You can contact CCI customer support, as they can help you solve your internet problem.
  2. Perform a CCI internet speed test several times daily to get a concise picture of your broadband fluctuations.
  3. Optimize your Wi-Fi by correcting the placement of your router. Use an Ethernet cable for critical online tasks.
  4. Your current internet plan may be lower-tier. Upgrade to a high-speed internet plan to enhance the speed.
  5. Ensure that your router or modem is working accurately. Get a new router with dual-band technology if your router is not working correctly.


Does CCI apply data caps on the internet?

No, CCI does not impose any data caps for the convenience of its users. You don’t have to worry about internet data limitations and speed throttling if you are using their internet plan. 

Where is CCI available?

You can avail of CCI fiber internet services in many states of the United States, including Texas, California, Florida, New York, Washington, etc. 

What kind of network does Consolidated Communications provide?

Consolidation Communications offers high-speed fiber, cable, wireless, and DSL internet service. The fastest of these services is fiber. Fiber internet plans have maximum speeds of up to 2 Gbps.


The need for a high-speed and dependable internet connection must be balanced during rapid digital progress. The CCI Speed Test is a handy tool that helps the evaluation of the bandwidth capabilities of your broadband connection. 

The speed checker analyzes the dependability and consistency of your internet connection. You can optimize your online experiences by acknowledging the intricate details of download speed, upload speed, and latency. An efficient web connection is crucial for seamless streaming, work-related tasks, and communication. Therefore, a speed test can help you make your internet connection ideal.