Eolo Internet Speed Test

A swift internet connection is necessary for fulfilling our online requirements. A good internet service is crucial for working online, entertainment, and studying with the help of the internet. You can test your internet speed with the help of Eolo Speed Test to find out what rates you are getting from your ISP.

Eolo Company developed it. Eolo Company is a prominent internet service provider in Italy. The speed checker helps you in testing the quality of your internet service. You can check your internet’s latency, download, and upload speed with a speed test. It also allows you to troubleshoot issues with your internet to make your internet connection fast.

Let’s discuss Eolo’s internet speed test, its working, coverage area, and price plans with internet speeds.

What is the Eolo Speed Test?

The speed test Eolo is an online tool that measures your internet performance. It gives unbiased results about your internet’s download speed, upload speed, and latency. You can check how much data you are using with the help of an internet speed checker. You can identify whether you are availing the best internet speeds from your ISP with the help of a speed test. The easy-to-use tool can be accessed for free on the Eolo website.

Coverage Area:

Eolo Company provides its internet service through wireless technology and fiber optics. It includes internet coverage in over 6,000 Italian municipalities and offers internet service to over 1.2 million people. Eolo delivers high-speed broadband service to both business organizations and residential areas

How Does the Eolo Wi-Fi Speed Test Work?

The speed checker measures your broadband’s latency, download, and upload speed. First, it sends some data from your device to the server and back to calculate the latency of your internet. The test estimates the duration that the data exchange takes. Then, it gives you the latency in milliseconds. 

Furthermore, the test measures your connection’s download speed by measuring your device’s time to gain data from the internet server. Similarly, the speed checker measures the upload speed by calculating the time it takes to transfer data packets from your device to the internet server. 

Types of Internet Provided By Eolo Company

Internet Types Yes/No
Wireless InternetYes
Fiber optic InternetYes
DSL InternetNo
Satellite InternetNo
Cable InternetNo

Factors of Speed Test

The speed checker tests your internet connection on the following factors.

Download Speed

It is the speed at which data is transmitted from the internet to your device. It affects downloading content from the internet.

Upload Speed

It is the rate at which data is transferred from your device to the internet. It affects sending things to the internet.


Latency shows the delay between the sending and receiving of data. A low latency rate is ideal.

Eolo Internet Speeds and Price Plan

Internet PlansDownload SpeedPrice
Eolo Plus Entertainment100 Mbps€29.90 /month
Eolo Plus Inclusive300 Mbps€34.90 /month
Eolo Fiber1000 Mbps€29.90 /month
Eolo 3030 Mbps€24.90 /month

Why is My Internet Slower than Advertised?

Your internet speed can be slow because of the following reasons.

  • The internet pace slows down when high internet usage occurs during peak hours.
  • The modem or router you use is old and does not support high-speed internet.
  • The internet plan that you are using is insufficient for your needs.
  • Interference from other electronic devices and neighboring signals can also influence your broadband speed.
  • Network issues from your ISP can also affect your internet pace.

How Can I Improve My Broadband Speed?

You can follow the below-mentioned steps to enhance your internet speed.

Change Router Placement:

Place your router away from interference to experience a dependable internet connection.

Upgrade Your Internet Plan:

Consider upgrading your internet plan if your usage requires it.

Use Wired Connection:

Use an Ethernet cable because wired internet connections provide fast-speed internet.

Ask for Help From Customer Support:

Contact Internet customer support if the issue remains.


What is the ideal upload speed?

You have to use the downloading bandwidth of your internet more than uploading. The uploading speed is not the preference of internet users mostly. It would be best to take an internet plan offering upload speeds between 1 and 100 Mbps.

How to test Eolo’s internet speed?

You do the Eolo Wi-Fi speed test with the following steps.

  1. Open any web browser.
  2. Search the Eolo speed testing tool in the search engine.
  3. Open the Eolo website and click the Go button to test your internet’s performance.

How does EOLO Company work?

It is a prominent internet provider in Italy which offers high-speed broadband. Eolo delivers the network to customers through fiber optic cables and wireless technology. Eolo has different internet plans to fit everyone’s needs.


A fast and dependable internet connection is essential in today’s modern world. The Eolo Speed Test is the best tool to check your internet’s speed. The speed checker tests your internet on three key aspects: download speed, upload speed, and latency.

You can also identify issues with your internet with the help of the Eolo internet speed test. A seamless internet connection is paramount whether you stream videos or work online. Eolo speed tester ensures just that.

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