Fastweb Internet Speed Test

We rely on the internet for everything from work and education to streaming and socializing with others. Therefore, a swift and reliable internet connection is crucial for daily tasks. You can test if your broadband connection is quick or not with the help of a speed testing tool.

Fastweb is a handy internet speed testing tool developed by Fastweb Telecommunications Company. It provides a simple way to assess the performance of your network and determine speed-related issues. Upload speed, download speed, and latency are the critical aspects of the speed test. The speed checker also allows you to fix any problem with your broadband service.

Let’s discuss the Fastweb internet speed test, its working, coverage area, and price plans.

What is the Fastweb Speed Test?

Fastweb speed testing tool is designed to test the speed and quality of your broadband service. It offers vital information about your internet’s speed and latency. Fastweb provides this test to all internet users to ensure they avail themselves of the internet speed they are paying for. You can test your internet simply through its official website. Anyone can use it with an active internet subscription.

Coverage Area:

Fastweb provides internet to its customers through fiber optics and DSL networks across different areas of Italy. Fiber-optic internet uses thin glass strands to transmit data as light pulses, offering faster wideband speeds and higher reliability.

Following are the areas of Italy where Fastweb Internet provides coverage.

  1. Genoa
  2. Bologna
  3. Florence
  4. Bari
  5. Catania
  6. Messina
  7. Brescia
  8. Milan
  9. Naples
  10. Trevi
  11. Pisa
  12. Rome

How Does Fastweb Speed Test Work?

The speed test Fastweb transfers a small packet of data to and from your device. This data exchange calculates the time the data packet travels between your device and the server. The test calculates the download speed by measuring how fast data transfers from the server to your device.

Similarly, the Fastweb Communications speed test calculates upload speed by the speed at which the data packet travels from your device to the server. Latency, or ping, is when a data packet transfers to the server and back. A lower latency rate indicates a more responsive connection.

Types of Internet Provided By Fastweb Telecommunications

Types of InternetYes/No
Wireless InternetYes
Fiber InternetYes
DSL InternetYes
Satellite InternetNo
Cable InternetNo

Factors of Speed Test

The speed test Fastweb tests your internet on the following three key aspects.

Download Speed:

It is the rate at which data packet transfers from the internet to your device. It typically affects your internet’s ability to stream content, download files, and browse websites.

Upload Speed:

It shows how fast data travels from your device to the internet. It generally impacts activities like sending emails, uploading files, and attending online meetings.


It is the delay between the sending and receiving of a data packet. Low latency is ideal for online gaming, video meetings, and communication. It should be within 200 milliseconds, as it shows that your broadband connection is slower.

Fastweb Internet Price Plans

Here is a list of Fastweb internet plans with their prices.

Internet PlansPrice
Fastweb Casa Light27.95€ per month
Fastweb Home29.95€ per month
Fastweb Casa Plus36.95€ per month

Why is My Fastweb Internet Speed Slower than Advertised?

Your internet speed can be slow because of the following reasons.

Technical Issues:

Configuration problems and network issues can affect your internet speed and slow it.

Wi-Fi Interference:

Interference from electronic devices, walls, pieces of furniture, and neighboring signals also slows down your internet pace.

Hardware Limitations:

Hardware limitations such as old routers or modems can cause slow internet because they cannot handle high-speed internet.

Network Congestion:

Network congestion can occur when too many people use the same internet simultaneously, resulting in slow internet speeds.

Distance From Modem:

You will face weaker internet signals if you are present at a considerable distance from the internet router. This causes slow broadband speed.

How Can I Enhance My Internet Speed?

You can improve the speed of your broadband with the help of the following effective ways.

  • Reboot your router or modem to clear minor configuration issues.
  • Select the right Wi-Fi channel and secure your internet with a strong and uncrackable password.
  • Place your router in a central area of your home or office. It should be away from interference.
  • Upgrade your internet plan.
  • Close background applications and devices that may use the internet.
  • Use an Ethernet cable as it provides a fast and stable internet connection.


On which devices can I use the Fastweb internet speed test?

You can run a Fastweb Wi-Fi speed test on any device, such as a PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Can I use the Fastweb speed tester if I am different from its customer?

Yes, you can use it because the speed test is available to all internet users, whether your ISP is Fastweb or not.

What is a good internet speed?

A good internet speed varies according to different users’ needs. A rate of 25-50 Mbps is enough for you if you want to do normal streaming and browsing. However, a higher internet speed will be ideal if you play online video games or stream movies in HD quality.

Fastweb Telecommunication Customer Service

Fastweb Telecommunication Company provides customer service if you ever need any help. You can contact Fastweb through email at [email protected]. Fastweb replies very quickly to resolve the issue of their customers. You can also visit their official website at

So, what are you waiting for? Test your internet with the Fastweb Speed Test because it gives accurate results about your broadband speed.

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