GCI Internet Speed Test

In today’s modern era, having a fast internet connection is essential for daily activities like working online, streaming content, chatting, and playing online video games. Your internet connection should be fast enough to assist you while working online. The GCI Speed Test allows you to test your internet connection on various aspects. It will enable you to determine whether your internet provider provides the best services. 

It is developed by General Communications Inc to help internet users test the quality of their broadband. It provides a powerful and straightforward way to evaluate the overall performance of your internet. The GCI tool displays the measure for certain factors in your broadband connection, including download speed, upload speed, and latency.

This article will discuss the GCI internet speed test, its working, price plans, and coverage.

What is GCI Speed Test?

A fast and trustworthy internet connection is essential for daily online activities in today’s digital world. You can play online games, stream online videos, and do remote work with the help of fast internet. The speed test GCI is a valuable resource that assists you in measuring the speed of your broadband. It gives you insights and checks your internet on three parameters. These three parameters are download speed, upload speed, and latency.

Coverage Area

GCI Communication internet service provider is among the most prominent names for broadband service. It provides its customers with cable, wireless, DSL, fiber-optic internet, and even mobile networks. Its fiber-optic broadband uses thin glass strands to transfer data as light pulses and offers fast Wi-Fi speeds. General Communications provides its internet services in Alaska, United States.

The following are the top cities of Alaska that have GCI coverage.

  • Anchorage
  • Wasilla
  • Fairbanks
  • Palmer
  • North Pole
  • Eagle River
  • Juneau
  • Bethel
  • Hooper Bay
  • Douglas
  • Girdwood

How Does the GCI Speed Test Works?

The speed checker sends a small data packet from and to your device. This data exchange calculates the time the information transfers between the internet server and your device. The test evaluates the download speed by measuring how rapidly data travels from the server to your device. Similarly, the GCI Communications speed test measures upload speed by the speed data travels from your device to the server. 

Lastly, it calculates the latency, often called ping. It is when a data packet transfers to the server and back. Typically, the latency of your internet is measured in milliseconds. A lower latency value shows a more responsive connection.

Types of Internet Provided by GCI Broadband

Cable InternetYes
4G InternetYes
5G InternetYes
Wireless InternetYes
Satellite InternetNo
DSL InternetYes
Fiber-optic InternetYes

Factors of Speed Test

Several factors affect the speed of your internet. The GCI Speed Test checks the following factors.

Download Speed:

It measures how rapidly your device can obtain data from the internet. A good download speed is essential for downloading files, streaming movies, and browsing websites. The speed checker measures the speed in megabits per second.

Upload Speed:

It measures how fast your device can transfer data from your device to the internet. It is essential for sharing files with someone, uploading media on the internet, and sending emails. The upload speed is also measured in megabits per second, just like the download speed.


Latency measures the time it takes to send data and receive a response. Generally, lower latency is essential for lag-free gaming and streaming online videos. It should not exceed 200 milliseconds, as it shows that your internet bandwidth is slower. Millisecond is the unit of latency.

GCI Communications Internet Connection Speeds and Plans

GCI PlansDownload SpeedUpload SpeedPrice
Fast InternetUp to 75 MbpsUp to 5 Mbps$74.99/month
Faster InternetUp to 150 Mbps Up to 10 Mbps$99.99/month
Fastest InternetUp to 1300 MbpsUp to 15 Mbps$149.99/month
1 Gig internetUp to 1 GbpsUp to 50 Mbps$174.99/month

Why is my Internet Slower than Advertised?

You can sometimes experience slower internet speeds than advertised. Several factors cause this discrepancy. 

Network Congestion:

Network congestion can occur when many users are online during peak hours. It leads to slower broadband speeds for everyone using the same network.

Hardware Limitations:

An old modem or router is not capable of providing high internet speeds. This leads to slow internet speeds.

You are Far From the Server:

If you are very far from the internet server, you can experience slower internet speeds. More distance can take longer for the data to reach you.

Physical Interference:

Wireless internet connection is affected by physical interference from walls, furniture, and electronic devices like microwaves. Network signals from your neighboring can also influence your broadband speed.

How Can I Enhance My GCI Broadband Speed?

If you find that your internet is not doing its best, there are several tips that you can follow to improve it.

  1. Upgrade your internet plan to enhance the internet speed. Subscribe to a GCI plan that is sufficient for your broadband needs. 
  2. Use a wired connection by utilizing an Ethernet cable to gain a high-speed internet connection.
  3. Ensure that your router’s placement is correct. Keep your router away from physical interferences that block your signals.
  4. Use a router with dual-band technology to ensure that you are experiencing high-internet speeds.
  5. Disconnect all the unnecessary devices connected to your router to get maximum speed on your desired device.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an optimal load speed?

A boot-up speed of 5-10 Mbps per user sounds good. The purpose of your network usage determines its effectiveness. A user who uses social media can manage with low network speed. Still, the same rate may be considered slow for someone downloading bandwidth-intensive software. The optimal network speed varies according to your personal needs.

What is GCI’s internet speed?

GCI provides various fast-speed cable internet plans. Most of them feature download speeds up to 100 Mbps. High-tier internet packages include rates up to 200 Mbps, 400 Mbps, and 1 Gbps.

What type of internet provider is GCI?

It provides copper cable, wireless, fiber-optic, and DSL internet services. GCI also provides mobile networks. All these services offer higher reliability and fast internet connection.

Final Thoughts

A stable internet connection is crucial in the digital age. The GCI Speed Test allows users to evaluate their connection’s performance by measuring download speed, upload speeds, and latency. If you encounter insufficient internet speed, do not worry.

You can enhance the rates with tips, such as upgrading your internet plan, using an Ethernet connection, etc. By analyzing speed-influencing factors and implementing effective strategies, you can optimize your internet experience. Utilize the speed test GCI to optimize your online experience.