Rogers Internet Speed Test

Rogers is a broadband Canadian Technology and media platform that offers customers first-class networks. Rogers is a Canada SpeedTest Award Winning network that has top download speeds of 325,45 Mbps, and top upload speeds of 30.05 Mbps.  

 What is Rogers’s Speed Test? 

Rogers Internet Speed Test determines how fast is your internet speed. Simply you can go to the site of Rogers speed test, and can testify your current internet speed. 

Rogers Internet speed test tells you about the result of download, upload, and ping speed. So that you can work online and use the internet efficiently according to internet speed.

This information about Speed Test is updated regularly based on the speed of the internet.  

Rogers Internet Coverage Area

Rogers Internet provides different services including fiber, cable, wireless, DSL, and many others. The network unit install the required service in your home or place and is added to your monthly package. 

Rogers is the fastest internet service company based in  Canada that provides internet services in different countries, in their states, and hundreds of towns. 

It is available in approximately 200 countries. Here is the following list of countries: 

  • Canada 
  • U.S
  • Mexico 

Here is the following list of states of US in which Rogers Internet provides its services. 

  • Montana 
  • New Jersey 
  • New York 
  • South Carolina 
  • Texas 
  • California
  • Alaska 
  • Maryland 

How Does Rogers Internet Speed Test Work? 

The internet speed works when you check the result of the internet speed. The speed test first transfers a small amount of data from your device to Rogers testing speed server. 

It measures the time it takes the data to transfer from device to server or server to device back, its time travel is called the Latency Speed

The data rate of download speed is measured in Mbps or Gbps which is the data taken from the server to your device is called Download Speed. Download speed of Internet Rogers must be fast because all the online work or play gaming is used download speed. 

The upload speed data rate is measured in Mbps or Gbps. The small amount of data transfer from your device to the server is called Upload Speed

The result of Rogers Internet Speed Test  gives you the latency, ping, download, and upload speed performance. 

Types of Internet Service Provided by Rogers  

Following is a list of Internet services that Rogers provides. 

Types of Internet Service Yes/No
5G Internet Yes
4G Internet Yes 
10G Internet Yes
LTE InternetYes
Cable Internet Yes
UMTS Internet Yes
Ignite Internet Yes
Fiber Optic Internet Yes
Wireless Internet Yes
ISDN Internet No
VDSL Internet Yes

Why is my Rogers Internet Speed Slower than Advertised? 

The speed of the internet relies on the service provider and bandwidth, but there are a lot of reasons that can slow your Rogers Internet Speed. Here are a few possibilities:


The physical obstruction, wall, any other electronic devices, and other Wi-Fi networks cause  weak signals or internet speed. 

Location of Router:

The router or device of internet must be set in the center of the house and place. So that the signals reach at every place equally. If you feel weak Rogers speed signals then try moving closer to the device or consider using a wired ethernet. 

Network Plugging 

During the peak hours when multiple users in your area are using Rogers Internet at a time, than network congestion can occur, which becomes the reason for slower speeds.

Plan Control  

Ensure that the package you have chosen gives the speeds you want. You might occasionally need to update your package if you want better speeds. 

How can I Improve the Rogers Internet Speed? 

Improving your internet speed makes your internet speed fast. Just follow these steps to get a fast and stable connection to Rogers bandwidth. 

Here are some major tips: 

Other Networks Interference:

Appliances, nearby Wi-Fi networks, and other electrical equipment may interfere with your Wi-Fi signal. Ensure a clear channel is selected for your Router or Rogers Internet device.

Restart Your Device:

This is the main tip but effective step. First, turn your device, wait for a few seconds., and then turn it on. You can feel the difference after restarting your router.  

Set Security:

If other users use your Wi-Fi without asking you, then block them from unknown devices. Set your technical passcode so that no one approaches your network easily. 

Optimal Router Placement:

Set your router or device in the center point of the house or place. The router’s accurate place matters because walls and other obstacles might reduce signal strength, put your router in the center of your house.

Rogers Internet Service Plan, Speed, and Networks

ServiceMax SpeedPlan
Internet1010 Mbps$49 per month 
Ignite 50u50 Mbps$59 per month
Ignite Internet Gigabit 1.51.5 Gbps$89 per month 
Ignite Internet 150 Mbps150 Mbps$99.99 per month
Ignite Internet 150u500 Mbps$109.99 per month 

How to Perform Rogers Internet Speed Test?

Rogers speed test checks how fast and low is your internet speed. Simply you can check all the results of upload, download, and ping speed. 

There are a few steps to follow to check Rogers Speed. 

  • Firstly open a browser and type the .
  • Select a host ISP. 
  • Press the “GO” button to start checking your Internet Speed Test. 
  • Wait for a few seconds, the result of download, upload, ping, and jitter will appear on your screen. 


How much Rogers Speed do we need? 

You have a fast connection of Rogers Speed according to your requirements. Because different online activities need different speeds of internet. Usually about 90% of online activities are based on download speed. So for that purpose, the download speed is higher than upload for smooth video calls, live streaming, gaming, and many more.  

What is an important factor in Rogers Internet?

The download speed is most important for smooth streaming, calls, conferences, gaming, and many more. 

What causes the slow Mbps? 

Slow Mbps can result from issues with your internet service provider, host, router, device, modem problem, network congestion, or your device-related issues. 

Rogers Custom Service

If you have any queries, suggestions, or problems regarding Rogers Internet Speed Test, then contact this website to resolve your issues. 

Phone Numbers:  

1 888 764-3771 (For Canadian Users)

1 514 734-7699 (For Outside Users)

Offical Link: