The Role of Internet Speed on Buffering: How to Avoid Video Buffering on Pinterest 

When it comes to creating a trouble buzz, nothing else falls together with slow internet or a long buffering video! Pinterest is people’s first place to look for unique themes or ideas; it’s everything one can look for. The trouble is real when you’re not viewing your favorite content at a faster pace. Today’s art piece of words is all about why the internet buffers and how to overcome it on Pinterest. 

How Does Internet Speed Affect Video Buffering?

Buffering plays a significant role in maintaining an interruption-free display of video content. It pre-downloads the first video segments without waiting for the whole video to load.  

The video you’re binging on is as good as the speed of your internet or anything related to it. However, an efficient internet speed test can also analyze the basics for you to dig out the problem. 

There are multiple reasons to elicit delayed buffering:

Poor Network

If the whole community using a particular network provider is experiencing inconvenience, then the fault is with the network providing the service. A compromised TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) or ISP (Internet Service Provider), an overloaded streaming provider, and delayed latency also affect internet speed. 

Weak Internet

A slow internet account for a problematic modem and weaker WiFi signals, affecting the video buffering on any platform. 

Bandwidth Limits

Once your preset bandwidth limit is met, i.e., maximum data is consumed by multiple users, your video streaming will slow down. 

Problematic Browser Or Device

The browser you’re using to view content might not be appropriate for Pinterest. An outdated device or modem is another headache if it doesn’t comply with the current fast internet speeds. 

Higher Video Quality

Maybe the crux of the matter is that you’re loading the HD video on low-bandwidth internet! Turn it down a bit to view it properly. 

5 Ways to Avoid Video Buffering On Pinterest 

Pinterest videos or any online streaming content perform differently across global networks, functional software (iOS, Android, Web), and regions. However, here are five easy things you can do to optimize slow-buffering videos. 

  1. Taking a break is not a bad idea if it can save you the hustle of waiting for buffering after every second. Once the video is fully loaded, you’ll enjoy interruption-free streaming. 
  2. Check parameters such as bandwidth, poor signal strength, and other important metrics. If the culprit is hiding here, you can ask the streaming provider to upgrade your package or retune the previous bandwidth. Power cycling and restarting the modem are also effective remedies. 
  3. Close other apps because the system is already engaged in multiple tasks happening in the background. Clear up the cache for the others and rest back; your breach-free Pinterest streaming is restored. 
  4. Update parameters if you’re facing an issue because of a limited wireless router band or DNS server. Upgrade the bandwidth to nearly 5 GHz and exchange the DNS server with an updated version. 
  5. Turn down the display quality, or it may take hours to view at a smoother pace if the available bandwidth and internet speed are compromised. 

However, a Pinterest downloader is an interesting tool to download videos in High Definition and watch them later without a second’s delay! 

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