Shaw Internet Speed Test

Shaw is a broadband company that provides high-speed fiber-powered internet service in various countries and their states. Shaw is a Canadian-based telecommunication company that provides fast internet service. 

Shaw Internet brings users the best internet, fast speed, wireless, and home phone technology together to provide individuals, businesses, and families with the solutions they need to live their efficient connected lives. 

What is the Shaw Internet Speed Test? 

Shaw Speed Test is the tool where the user checks their internet connection performance. Every day, millions of users rely on speed test websites to check their network speed. 

Internet Speed Test delivers you the same powerful experience trusted by the consumers, providers, and the company. You can check your upload, download, jitter, and ping speed of Shaw Internet so that you are working according to the speed of the Internet. 

Shaw Internet Coverage Area

Shaw is one of Canada’s favourite internet speed service providers. It provides the service of high-speed internet in many countries. In these countries you are looking for good internet speed, then choose Shaw because it is a perfect fit for your family and your online activities. 

All these countries have the best speed of Shaw Internet with a stable and strong connection. 

  • Nigeria 
  • Calgary 
  • Alberta 
  • Canada
  • Columbia 
  • Victoria
  • Saskatchewan 
  • Manitoba
  • Ontario 

What is the Best Shaw Internet Speed? 

Usually, the speed of the internet is varied according to the service provided by the company and the requirements of the users. But a good Shaw internet speed is anything over 50Mbps. 

The company said its speed of download is 50Mbps, and the minimum speed of upload is 10Mbps. These network rates are good for your online activities. 

How many users use the Shaw speed in your house and office? 

Multiple users can use the Shaw Internet Speed but it depends upon the working and projects that you are doing on the Internet. Now check the numbers who can use Shaw Internet with the given speed in your household simultaneously:

Activities1 User2 to 4 Users5+ Users
Web Browsing YesYesYes
Streaming YesYesYes
Gaming NoYesYes
Minimum Speed 15Mbps50Mbps100Mbps

How Does Shaw Internet Speed Test Work?

The internet speed of Shaw network works when you find the performance of Shaw Internet Speed. It works when you transfer a small amount of data from your device to the server or server to the device back. 

Determines the internet connection of broadband of Shaw by testing how quickly it can download data. The data transfer amount from a server to a device is known as Download Speed. 

By testing how quickly it can upload data, which is the amount of data transferred from device to server. 

The most important speed is the latency or jitter speed which tells how many times data is transferred from one device to server and back. 

Types of Internet Service Provided by Shaw  

Following is a list of Internet services that Shaw Broadband provides. 

Types of Internet Service Yes/No
5G Internet Yes
4G Internet Yes 
10G Internet Yes
LTE InternetYes
Cable Internet Yes
UMTS Internet No
Ignite Internet Yes
Fiber Optic Internet Yes
Wireless Internet Yes
ISDN Internet No
ADSL Internet Yes

How to Perform Shaw Internet Speed Test?

Shaw speed test checks how fast and low is your internet speed. Because you have to work according to the speed of your Shaw network connection whether it’s stable or not. Simply you can check all the results of upload, download, latency, and ping speed of the Shaw network. 

There are a few steps to follow to check Shaw Speed Internet. 

  • Firstly, open a browser and type “”.
  • Select a host ISP or set the host ISP selection automatically. 
  • Press the “GO” button to start checking your Shaw Internet Speed Test. 
  • Wait for a few seconds, the result of download, upload, ping, and latency will appear on your screen. 

How can I Improve the Shaw Internet Speed? 

There are many tips to improve your Shaw Speed, which makes your speed of internet fast and strong. 

Follow all these instructions to use the fast internet speed of Shaw: 

  • Use the global and authentic Speed Test Shaw Network. 
  • Enable public access, and keep your network private. 
  • Set a strong and unique password for your internet. 
  • Enable the unnecessary web pages. 
  • Use a wired connection or connect next to your modem or router. 
  • Use a newer device or modem. 
  • Set or locate the device in its exact place. 
  • Update your browser or restart the device. 

Shaw Internet Service Plan, Speed, and Networks

Shaw Speed Internet offers a variety of different internet plans to their customers depending on their location, required speeds, and service. 

ServiceMax. Speed Plan
Ignite Internet 7575 Mbps$65 per month 
Ignite Internet 250250 Mbps$85 per month
Ignite Internet 500500 Mbps$85 per month 
Ignite Internet 1000 Mbps1000 Mbps$105 per month
Ignite Internet 1.5 Gigabit1500 Mbps$115 per month 


From which place does the download and upload data travel? 

The download speed is the rate at which data travels from the internet network to your device in your home. Whereas the upload speed is the rate at which data travels from your device to the internet.  

How much Shaw speed is required for emails, playing online games, and downloading very large files?

For email checks and browsing the speed is 1-5 Mbps is enough. For live streaming and playing online games the good speed is 40 – 100 Mbps. For downloading very large files from the internet the speed of 200 Mbps is the best. 

How to improve Shaw’s Internet Speed by restarting your modem? 

Restarting your modem is the best solution to start your network with fast internet speed. 

  • First, unplug the cable from the back of the modem or router. 
  • Wait for a few seconds. 
  • Again reconnect the power cable to the modem. 
  • Test your connection again. 

Shaw Customer Service 

Here is the Shaw speed test custom service, where you can contact them. If you have any questions or suggestions, and you are facing any trouble while testing your internet speed, you can contact their support and get guidance.

Phone Number: 

1 888 472-2222

Support Contact:

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