Copel Internet Speed Test

Are you wondering about how to test your Copel internet speed? If yes, then Copel Speed Test is the best resource for you. Our daily lives depend on the internet, so a good internet speed tester is essential to assess the performance of your internet connection.

The Copel speed testing tool is created by the Brazilian electricity company Copel to evaluate the quality of your internet connection. The company initially made it to monitor the working of its fiber optic network. The tool is accessible through Copel’s website and measures your internet’s download speed, upload speed, and latency. It gives you valuable aspects about your internet to help you understand whether you are receiving the service you are paying for or not.

This article will discuss Copel Speed Test working and its coverage.

What is Copel Speed Test?

It is an easy-to-use online speed testing tool that allows Copel internet customers to test the speed and quality of their internet connection. It lets you know the main aspects like upload speed, download speed, and latency. You can quickly check whether your internet is performing well or not with the help of these vital aspects. The speed testing tool also helps you troubleshoot any issue regarding your internet service. 

Copel Internet Coverage Area

Copel uses a fiber optic network to provide the fastest broadband speed to its customers. A fiber network provides fast internet speed and is more reliable than others because it is less prone to interference. Copel fiber network offers fast-speed internet with broadband speeds up to 100 Mbps.

Copel Internet provides internet coverage primarily in Parana, Brazil.

How Does the Copel Internet Speed Test Tool Works?

First, the Copel speed testing tool evaluates your internet connection’s latency. It transfers a small amount of data from your device to the nearest internet testing server to check the latency. The tool then calculates the time the server takes to receive the response. This millisecond measurement is latency.

The tool then measures the upload and download speeds of your internet connection. It creates multiple connections between the test server and your device at the same time to request and send data. The test measures how much data is obtained and sent in a set amount of time. After measuring the results, it gives you the upload and download speed in Mbps or Gbps.

Type of Internet Provided by Copel

Here is a list of the kind of internet that Copel telecom provides.

Type of Internet ServiceYes/No
4G InternetNo
5G InternetNo
DSL InternetNo
Wireless InternetYes
Fiber Optic InternetYes
Satellite InternetNo
Cable InternetNo

Speed Test Factors

Following are the factors on which the internet speed test relies.


It is the time it takes for data to transfer from your device to the internet testing server and back to your device. A lower latency rate shows you have a fast internet connection for online activities such as gaming and live streaming.

Download Speed:

It is the rate at which the device obtains data from the internet. Your device receives data from Copel’s testing server enabling the speed test to calculate the download speed in Gbps or Mbps.

Upload Speed:

It is the speed at which your device transmits data to the internet. Your device sends data back to the testing server, which allows the speed test to measure the upload speed in Mbps or Gbps

Copel Internet Speed and Plans

Following is a Copel internet plan and its speeds.

Internet PlanDownload SpeedUpload SpeedPrice
Copel Extra Broadband512 Kbps128 Kbps$98.40/month

Why is my Copel Internet Speed Slower than Advertised?

Your Copel internet speed can be slower than advertised for the following reasons.

  1. You need more than the Copel internet plan you currently use for your needs
  2. Your router is faulty and causes internet problems. It means that the placement of your router needs to be corrected.
  3. The speed of the Copel internet also slows down when too many people are using your internet simultaneously. 
  4. The router or modem you are using is old and needs new technology for fast internet service.
  5. You are facing network congestion during peak hours. This issue is more common in big cities and towns.
  6. Your ISP is suppressing internet speeds while facing peer-to-peer traffic.

How Can I Enhance my Copel Internet Speed?

You can improve your Copel internet speed with the help of the following tips.

Change the Position of Your Router:

Change the placement of your router if you are facing weak internet signals constantly. This can make your internet faster.

Upgrade Your Router:

Your router must be old, so you need faster internet service. Upgrade your router with a new one that uses dual-band technology. Dual-band technology routers can transmit both 2.5 GHz and 5 GHz frequencies.

Use a Wi-Fi Extender:

You can enhance your internet speed by using a Wi-Fi extender. It will reduce the distance between your device and the Wi-Fi signal, improving internet speed.

Use an Ethernet Cable:

Connect your device with an Ethernet cable because it transfers data at high speed because of its physical connection to the internet.


What is a good internet speed?

An optimal internet speed typically ranges from 15 Mbps to 25 Mbps. These types of rates are capable of supporting various online activities, including streaming HD video, engaging in online gaming, conducting web browsing, browsing social media platforms, and downloading music.

How to check COPEL’s internet speed?

You can quickly test your Copel internet speed with the help of the Copel Speed Test. It is accessible through Copel’s official website and free to use.

How long does an internet speed test take?

Several websites provide free internet speed tests. We recommend Copel Speed Test, which you can find on Copel’s website. The test usually takes 60 seconds, giving you latency, download, and upload speeds. Conduct a few internet tests for ideal results.

Where is Copel Internet available?

Copel Internet provides coverage in the state of Parana, Brazil. It provides fast internet speed and assures a quality experience for its users.


The Copel Speed Test is the best way to optimize your internet’s performance. The Copel speed testing tool provides a user-friendly way to assess your internet’s speed, overall performance, and latency.

It also helps you fix any issue regarding your internet connection. A robust internet connection is all you need to delve into your daily internet activities. Enhance your Copel internet experience with the help of the Copel speed testing tool.

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